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PES Employees Complete Dutch Language Courses

Over the past four months, 16 Public Entity Saba (PES) employees participated in Dutch language classes at levels A1, A2, and B1. PES facilitated these courses in collaboration with the Saba Reach Foundation. Initiative and Support Recognizing the importance of Dutch language proficiency, the Department of Human Resources proactively encouraged …

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Universities form consortium to help Caribbean students

On Friday, July 5, eleven Dutch universi­ties of applied sciences have joined forces to improve the admission and transfer of students from the Caribbean part of the Kingdom to higher education. This because, for many Caribbean students the transition to the Netherlands is a drastic change, and as a result, …

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Working Visit of Saba’s Island Council to the Netherlands

Last month, the Island Council of Saba participated in a working visit to the Netherlands, engaging in a series of meetings aimed at enhancing governance, fostering cooperation, and advancing various initiatives. The Island Councils of Bonaire and Sint Eustatius also attended, demonstrating Saba’s commitment to strengthening ties with Dutch counterparts …

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Ongoing Works at Cove Bay Beach

Following a comprehensive evaluation of the upgrades at Cove Bay Beach, several key additions have been incorporated into the project’s scope. These enhancements have necessitated adjustments to the initial project timeline to ensure long-term sustainability. Key Project Additions To address challenges posed by heavy rainfall, a comprehensive water drainage system …

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Unconditional dismissal of a police officer for severe dereliction of duty

The regional police force manager of the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN) has unconditionally dismissed a police officer due to severe dereliction of duty. The dereliction of duty emerged from a disciplinary investigation initiated after the force received information about the officer’s improper use of the service weapon. In the …

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