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Welcome to Boomerang.

Saba's first Circular Shop. A shop like no other on an island like no other.
From pre-loved furniture, fins, clothes, cables, suitcases, shoes, toys, and books, to "Boomed" items made by artists from repurposed tractor tires, colanders, feedbags,
bits of lumber, electricity wire, senseo pads, coffee bags, bits of Saban Cottage and/or the typical Saban Gingerbread.

We have Custom Made Signs on original pieces of Saba lumber. You might be lucky and take home a piece of Saban Cottage. We make doorstops with Saban landscapes and Tropicbirds from scrap Plywood!

Did you lose, break, forget something? Come and check, we might just have what you need. And if we don't, tell me I'll put it on the Wishlist and keep my eye out for it for you!
We rent out tools and we have a variety of "Boom A Box"s available. We have services where we can cut/drill/sand your lumber and other small tasks.

Everything to reduce the waste on our precious island!

When the flag is up we are open, you can open the gate and come on in.

See you soon! You might find something that can fit your suitcase!

"If you throw it we will catch it"

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