House Rules for publishing “Letters to the Editor” and “Comments”  offers an open platform for its readers to express their views or comment on the views of others. However the Editors insist that these communications remain courteous and civilized. To enforce this we have compiled a set of “House rules” for publication on They read as follows:

  1. “Letters to the Editor” are sent by email or by using the form on this website. Your email address will not be published.
  2. If you write a “Letter to the Editor”, we insist that we know your real identity and that we have a way to contact you.  However, your name will be withheld if you request this.
  3. Writers of “Letters to the Editor” or Comments may express the personal opinions of the author about the performance of the authorities and/or organizations and the officials that represent them. This holds that you may express your opinion about an individual, but only in relation to the activities that he or she performs in his/her official function. Contributions that have the intention of slandering will not be published.
  4. Writers may NOT express their opinions about private individuals. These will not be published.
  5. If you write a Comment to an article, you are welcome to use either your real name or a pseudonym.
  6. In case of a “Comment to an article”, the content of the comment must directly  relate to the article concerned. In all other cases you should use the format of a “Letter to the Editor” and start a new discussion.
  7. We will not publish your contribution if these rules are violated . Think of the Constitution and in particular Article 1 ( ” All persons in the Netherlands shall be in equal cases are treated equally. Discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief , political opinion, race or sex or on any other grounds whatsoever shall not be permitted . ” ) . Comments that are contrary to the law , will not be posted . In addition, we specifically look at the articles 137 c , 137 d and 137 e of the Criminal Code .
  8. Rules of decency apply: Contributions that do not respect other people’s opinion or contain comparisons with people like Hitler , Dutroux , NSB , Nazis , Osama , Taliban or something similar will not be published. Swearing at or insulting fellow readers is not allowed. Contributions containing foul language and / or insults will not be published .
  9. Call for riots  will not be published.
  10. Contributions that only have commercial content may only be published in the Sections “Classified Ads” and “Business Directory”. The content in these sections must be directly relevant to the Saban community, else they will not be published. Contributions containing spam will not be published.
  11. It is free to grumble about SabaNews, but reactions that question our motivation will not be published.
  12. The Editors reserve the right to shorten your contribution as they see fit. However we will take great care to ensure that the content of the message remains in tact.
  13. These House rules can be adapted without notification.

In the case that you feel that a Contribution is published that violates one or more of the house rules, you should inform the Editor of your views through the Contact Editor link.

Thank you for considering these rules.

Editors Saba-News.

Saba News