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The Saba Islander – Will Johnson

For twenty-five years from 1968 until 1993 I had my own newspaper The Saba Herald. For reasons known to me at the time I decided to stop publishing it. Much of this had to do with the difficulty of printing, getting sponsors and so on. It was a hard-hitting paper in defense of Saba and its people.

In the last years, I have been busy in other fields, writing books, and my popular column Under the Sea Grape Tree, etc. Last year I once again saw the need to start a native-owned newspaper. I have now decided that Facebook is not the proper avenue to voice my opinion on matters of interest to the indigenous people of Saba.

So now I trust you will enjoy my own voice online, my blog/newspaper “The Saba Islander“.

Will Johnson


Island stories – Rhiannon Jorna

Who am I? I consider myself a global citizen since I come from partly Indonesian parents and an Australian father, was raised in the Netherlands, lived in Australia, worked in Malaysia and am currently living the Caribbean on the absolutely stunning island of Saba.

My mind is open, my heart is welcoming, which is crucial in the contact with the students that I teach English. I’m over 30, which has made me realize that time flies when you are having fun, but also comforts me that I still have enough time to explore other worlds. My marriage has enriched me in ways I could not have imagined and I love my husband dearly. Our story is not over yet. After 8 years of exploring I feel like it still has only just begun.

Rhiannon Jorna

Stuff Dutch people like

Saba is a public entity of The Netherlands. Consequently Sabans are Dutch nationals. However it seems that there is quite a cultural difference between Saba and the European Netherlands.

To understand our fellow country men on the other side of the ocean a bit better, you may want to take a look at the Facebook page “Stuff Dutch People like” and smile at the differences that you observe on the Unspoiled Queen..

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