For the record

For the record

The Dutch Royal Library (Koninklijke Bibliotheek, KB)  considers the website to be part of the digital heritage describing a representative picture of Dutch culture, history, and society on the Internet. To that effect, they will archive and keep it for the long term. The initiative is based on the Unesco Charter on the Preservation of the Digital Heritage of 2003.

Subject: Inclusion of in the KB Web Archive Reference Number: 37683275

Dear Madam or Sir,

As part of the initiative of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) for keeping a selection of Dutch websites for future research, we also want to archive your website and keep it for the long term.

Websites often contain valuable information that does not appear analog and that, due to the high ‘update rate’, risks being lost forever. The fact that websites such as ‘digital heritage’ are worth preserving is internationally recognized in the Unesco Charter on the Preservation of the Digital Heritage of 2003. It signals that digital heritage is in danger of being lost and that preserving it for use by the current and future generation of researchers is very urgent.

As a national library, the KB is legally responsible for collecting, describing, and storing publications published in the Netherlands, whether electronic or not. The KB sees it as its task to also keep websites sustainable and consultable for future generations and to save them from loss due to, for example, technological obsolescence. For this reason, the KB archives websites that, as a collection, give a representative picture of Dutch culture, history, and society on the Internet.

Your website will be archived and stored sustainably for this purpose. Archiving will take place for the first time from 16 May 2020. After that, successive versions will be recorded regularly. The archive versions can be consulted within our own building. They will also be made available to the general public via the KB’s website as soon as legally possible.

Users of the archive will be clearly informed in a disclaimer that the copyrights are vested in the original rightsholders and that they need permission from the rightsholders for commercial use of the archived websites. In addition, it will be clearly stated that this is a version archived by the KB and a reference to the original website will be included.

The KB will archive your site using the Heritrix program [1]. This software is set up so that your web server will suffer little to no from it. We strive to archive the web pages on the accessible part of the site as fully as possible.

We hope that you will participate in this initiative. If you object to the archiving or make it available online in due course via the web archive, please let us know by sending an e-mail to by 16 May 2020 at the latest. Even if you need further coordination about the archiving of your site, we ask you to make this known before that date.

For further information regarding web archiving by the KB, please contact: Peter de Bode, Webarchivering KB P.O. Box 90407, 2509 LK The Hague  More information about Web archiving on the KB can be found at  


Lucinda Jones Head of Collections Royal Library

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