The evolution of Saba Reach Foundation.

The Saba Reach Foundation is evolving as it strives to develop itself into an organization modeled after similar European Nederlands ‘social work organizations.’ In the past, Saba has had an insufficient offering for citizens who have a distance to the labor market. As a result of this insufficiency, The Saba …

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Council of State: More clarification needed for Caribbean Neths. laws

The law proposal that would make Dutch equal treatment laws applicable to the Caribbean Netherlands requires more clarification. This was con­cluded by the Council of State’s Advisory Depart­ment in its advice published on Monday, March 18. The council also recommends additional financial mea­sures for companies and organisations that would be …

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Saba Island Council exchange experiences with colleagues Zoeterwoude

The site DossierKoninkrijksrelaties reports that the members of the Saba Island Council have visited Zoeterwoude, the smallest municipality in South Holland. Differences and similarities were discovered in discussions with the municipal council members. Topics that were offered: the powers of the council members and the island council members, the role …

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Traffic stop conducted

A traffic stop was conducted on Wednesday, March 13, at the E.A. Johnson Road on Saba. During the check, a total of six vehicles, including one scooter, were stopped and inspected. One driver was issued a ticket for driving without a seat belt. The Dutch Caribbean Police Force KPCN reminded …

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From overalls to firefighting suit

Today, March 9th, is the day of fire brigade history. The Caribbean Netherlands Fire Department (BKCN) also has a rich history. Former Local Commander (Bonaire) Reynold Janga and Local Commander (Saba) Julio Every can tell all about it. ‘We used to not even have firefighting suits. We did everything in …

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