Saba relaxes COVID restrictions on Friday, February 18

From Friday, February 18th, Saba will enter a new entry phase and on-island measures required for persons traveling to Saba. The decision to move to this new phase is based on the vaccination and booster rate. The dominant circulating strain of covid-19 is Omicron, which, although highly transmissible, the hospitalization …

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Youth conducts soil analysis at horticulture farm

Students of the Sacred Heart recently visited the horticulture project at Rendez-Vous to learn how to conduct a soil analysis. In the second week of a five-week course to inspire 6th graders to seek interest in agricultural curriculums, Principal of the Saba Comprehensive School Anton Hermans wanted to spark the …

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Grid installed for RO water supply

The public entity Saba has worked on install­ing a water grid from the Fort Bay harbour to and through all villages on the island to distribute reverse osmosis (RO) water, mak­ing it more accessible to de­livery truck drivers and for the supply of water to the bottling plant. This project, …

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Trade deficits up in Bonaire and Saba, but down in Statia

The value of im­ports and exports of goods in Bonaire increased last year by one fifth relative to 2020. Both Bonaire and Saba saw their trade deficits rise. St. Eustatius, on the other hand, recorded a lower trade deficit compared to 2020, the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) reported. The …

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Land purchased for new Nursing Care Facility

Delegations of Saba Cares and the Public Entity Saba, including Commissioner of Public Health Rolando Wilson and Head of the Planning Bureau Bobby Zagers, met late January to discuss the purchasing of two plots of land situated in The Bottom for a new Nursing Care Facility. The land is bought …

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New study aids in sea urchin restoration efforts

Diadema sea-urchins play a vital role in maintaining a balanced coral reef ecosystem and their restoration is essential to assist recovery of the degraded coral reefs around Saba and St. Eustatius. A collaborative effort between the University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein, WUR, STENAPA, CNSI and NIOZ studied settlement rates of …

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