State Secretary Van Ooijen arrives on Saba

Dutch State Secretary of Public Health, Wellbeing and Sport Maarten van Ooijen and his delegation arrived on Saba on Sunday afternoon for a two-day visit.

State Secretary Maarten van Ooijen (third from right) and his delegation arrived on Saba on Sunday afternoon with a charter flight from St. Maarten. Island Governor Jonathan Johnson (second from left) met the delegation at the airport.

The State Secretary will be present at the special event at the Queen Wilhelmina Library on Monday morning where during a live broadcast of Prime Minister Mark Rutte will give a Kingdom-wide statement about the response of the Dutch government to the report “Chains from the Past” of the Advisory Council Dialogue Group Slavery Past.

After the Prime Minister’s address, State Secretary Van Ooijen will give a speech, followed by a public dialogue at the library to talk about the slavery past and the consequences that people still feel today. To emphasize the importance of this topic, a member of the Dutch government is on each of the Dutch Caribbean islands and in Suriname to further explain the government’s response.

On Monday afternoon, Van Ooijen will visit Saba Cares, visit the Johan Cruyff Court, meet with personnel of Care and Youth Caribbean Netherlands ZJCN, meet with clients of ZJCN, as well as with the Island Council. On Tuesday morning, before leaving Saba, the State Secretary will have a radio interview with Dave Levenstone.

On Tuesday, Dutch State Secretary of Finance Marnix van Rij will visit Saba for one day. Van Rij will have a meeting with the Executive Council and the Island Council and visit the Customs Office at the Fort Bay Harbor.

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