Saba Tourist Bureau hosts journalist trips

Saba Tourist Bu­reau recently hosted a group of American travel journalists for an exclusive day trip.

“This initiative aimed to provide the journalists with a unique and immersive experience of Saba’s rich offerings, from its natu­ral beauty to its cultural heritage and conservation efforts,” the Saba Tourist Bureau said in a press release on Monday. “The trip included a variety of activities, such as an arts and crafts workshop, in­sights into Saba’s conserva­tion projects and a guided hike.”

Travel journalists and at least one representative of American public relations firm Dia­mond PR posing for a group photo at Saba’s airport.

The trip was coordinated by Miami, Florida-based public relations firm Dia­mond PR, which, according to its wcbsite, has several Caribbean islands as its cli­ents, including St. Maarten, Saba, Curacao and Bo­naire.

The participating jour­nalists represented digital media platforms and maga­zines such as MSN, “South­ern Bride”, “Caribbean Living” and “Resident”. Saba also recently hosted a travel journalist from Vancouver, Canada, who writes for several print and online publications, includ­ing “Travel + Leisure”, “Food & Wine”, Fodor’s and “USA Today”.

She and her son stayed at Juliana’s Hotel and went to several local restaurants. James Johnson, a Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) guide, took them on a hike, and they learned about activities organised by Sea and Learn Founda­tion.

“The Saba Tourist Bureau is confident that these im­mersive experiences will significantly boost destina­tion awareness. The jour­nalists are expected to pitch and share their first-hand encounters, contributing positively to the island’s representation in their up­coming articles and fea­tures,” according to the press release.

Saba Tourist Bureau thanked Diamond PR and Windward Islands Airways International Winair for “facilitating a successful and productive visit.”

The Daily Herald.

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