BES islands may soon get postal codes

Bonaire, St. Eustatius, and Saba are set to implement a new postal code system modeled after the one used in the European Netherlands. Although inspired by the Dutch system, it will remain distinct. Among the three options considered, the decision was made against a unique system exclusively for the BES islands. Instead, the adopted format will range from 0000AA to 0999ZZ. This design was developed in collaboration with PostNL and local stakeholders from the islands.

The introduction of postal codes in the Caribbean Netherlands aims to significantly improve mail services, particularly in terms of accuracy and efficiency for businesses, which currently suffer due to the lack of a structured postal code system. Additionally, researchers believe that standardizing the postal code system will promote equality among residents.

The proposal is now open for public consultation, and interested parties are invited to submit their feedback on by August 26.

The report (in Dutch) can be seen here.

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