Former “Scout’s Place” now officially dubbed “Scenery Hotel”

During a special ceremony at the newly renamed Scenery Hotel, various stakeholders gathered to celebrate the achievement of reaching the highest point of construction for the new establishment.

The event took place in the newly constructed area that will house the restaurant/lounge area, with representatives from PMCN, PCN, QBR, Saba Tourism Bureau, and other invited guests in attendance, including Acting Governor Shamara Nicholson and Commissioner Bruce Zagers.

Harold Blijleven of PMCN expressed gratitude to PES and the dedicated workforce behind the construction, guided by QBR. He also thanked the board of PCN for their local investments and paid tribute to the late Garvis Hassell, a former employee of Scout’s Place who provided valuable input and advice for the project.

Stanley Peterson of QBR also shared sentiments of pride and appreciation for the collaborative efforts of all those involved in the construction of the hotel. He noted that through the long nights and hard work dedicated to this project, the ‘Saban attitude to push through and persevere to get the job done’ remains the driving force.

Malinda Hassell, Head of the Saba Tourism Bureau, expressed optimism about the island’s tourism future with the opening of the Scenery Hotel. She emphasized that this luxury boutique hotel will enhance Saba’s appeal and further position the island as a premier tourist destination.

Following the ceremony, guests had the opportunity to view additional artist impressions of the hotel, including designs for the lounge, hotel rooms, and cottages.


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  1. The new owners seem to have no consideration for Saba’s history. Wait until someone wants to change the name “Windwardside” to “Mountain View” or so.

    • Seems to me if you buy the place and pony up the money for all the renovations then you get to call it whatever you want.

      • Back in Februari 2023, Saba-News reported Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland (PCN) is the investor of the formerly known, Scout’s Place, and, before that, Saba Government Guesthouse.

        Capt Jack has a great idea. Name the bar Scout’s Place.

  2. Capt Jack Sparrow

    At the very least, the bar/lounge area should have custom signage….”Scouts Place”.

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