Calve peanut sauce jars recalled in Saba

The public entity Saba informed the public via so­cial media on Tuesday afternoon that there is a risk that jars of peanut sauce of the Calve brand may contain flex­ible pieces of rubber. Residents of Saba who have pur­chased one of these products, are advised not to use it.

The Hygiene Department will follow up with the local supermarkets, it was stated.

Consumer goods company Unilever reported last week that it has launched a recall for jars of Calve Peanut Sauce Spicy (“Kruidig”) and Calve Peanut Sauce Mild. Due to a production error, there may be pieces of flexible rubber in the product, Unilever said.

The recall notification applies to Calve Peanut Sauce Spicy in jars of 350 grams with European Article Number (EAN) 8712100759819, and Calve Peanut Sauce Mild in jars of 350 grams (EAN 871200759772) and jars of 650 grams (EAN 8710908921841) with all best-before dates up to and including May 15, 2023.

The Daily Herald.

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