Extensive check of “Makana” passengers and cargo in Saba

Officials of the Ca­ribbean Netherlands Cus­toms department, the Roy­al Marechaussec KMar, the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force KPCN and the Coast Guard held addi­tional and extensive checks at Fort Bay harbour in Saba on Friday, September 9.

During the inspections, luggage of passengers and the cargo on board the ferry Makana from St. Maarten were checked, as well as 19 passengers.

No abnormalities were found during this check, KPCN reported Tues­day. Customs, KMar and KPCN regularly hold simi­lar coordinated actions as part of their joint effort to keep all islands of the Caribbean Netherlands as safe as possible, and to guarantee the quality of life on the islands, KPCN said.

The Daily Herald.

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