Energy subsidy for low-income Saba households

The Public Entity Saba is making a one-time US $1,300 energy subsidy for low-income households available to help this group of Saba residents with their electricity bill during the times of increased energy prices. Residents with a lower income up to a certain amount can apply for this subsidy within short.

The funding for the energy subsidy comes from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (SZW) and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK), and will be dispatched through the Public Entity Saba. The financial assistance is specifically for low-income households to help alleviate the burden of the rising energy costs for this group by subsidizing the electricity bills of these residents.

Income limits

The Dutch government has decided that the subsidy can only be used for low-income households. Income limits have been set which vary per composition of the family. The income limits are stated on the application forms that will be made available online and at different locations where residents can pick up a hard copy. Only Saba residents qualify. Applicants need to submit some documentation along with the filled-in application form.


Based on the information provided by the applicant, a mixed committee will assess the application and determine whether a person is eligible for the subsidy. When the committee determines that someone is eligible, this will be shared with the Saba Electric Company (SEC). The $1,300 one-time amount will be deposited directly to the person’s energy account at SEC. The subsidy will not be provided in cash.

Multiple subsidies

With the increasing energy prices, the Public Entity Saba has made several subsidies available to SEC to soften the impact for consumers on Saba. In July this year, the Pubic Entity Saba granted a special subsidy to SEC to aid consumers with the variable tariff increase for the period of July to December 2022 so the increase of electricity bills would remain limited to 10%. Without this subsidy, the electricity bill would have gone up by almost 30%.

The first subsidy covered the period July-December 2021 which helped to limit the increase of the variable fee. For 2022, the Public Entity granted a subsidy for the fixed fees, which reduced the fee to zero for every KVA (kilovolt-ampere) category.

Save energy

The Public Entity Saba called on consumers to take energy-saving measures and to use electricity wisely. People can save electricity by, for example, turning off the airconditioning and lights when no one is in the room, install LED lights instead of regular light bulbs, and use the dryer less frequently.



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