An ILT delegation discussed the impact of the BES Establishment and Activities Decree on businesses

From May 6th to May 8th, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) visited Saba to discuss the IAB BES (BES Establishment and Activities Decree), which requires all companies to comply with its regulations.

ILT delegation visiting Saba

According to the IAB BES, businesses will be categorized into four types, based on their level of impact to the environment, with Type II companies being required to send a notification to the Public Entity Saba and Type III companies being required to apply for a permit at the Public Entity Saba. Type IV companies will be required to apply for a permit at the Dutch Ministry of I&W.

On Monday, the delegation visited a Type IV company on Saba and discussed the application process for obtaining a permit at the Ministry of I&W. The following day, the delegation hosted separate meetings with the Executive Council, the Island Council and the business community of Saba. The focus in each of these meetings was to inform the stakeholders about the regulations that come with the IAB BES, the responsibilities of all stakeholders and the proposed way forward. The delegation stressed that the process of compliance with the IAB BES will include close collaboration with ILT, the ministry of I&W, Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), the Public Entity Saba and the companies on Saba.

For the categorization of the companies, Rijkswaterstaat will come to Saba in the first half of June 2024 to carry out the necessary assessments. The Public Entity Saba will inform the public when the procedures for sending a notification or applying for a permit have been finalized.


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