Start consultation on modernization of social security in the Caribbean Netherlands

It is necessary to modernize social security in the Caribbean Netherlands. With this as a point of departure, Minister Carola Schouten is presenting her bill for this purpose to the inhabitants through an internet consultation. The Central Dialogues and public entities have already been asked to respond to the plans.

Various changes in laws and regulations are necessary to modernize the social security system in the Dutch Caribbean. With desired changes which the bill aims for, among others, the vacation regulation for employees will be expanded and pregnant self-employed persons will receive an allowance during their pregnancy and maternity leave, just like in the European Netherlands. The legislation for disability will also be expanded so that more attention will be paid to reintegration.

Furthermore, as announced earlier, the present bill structurally regulates the double child benefit for parents of children with extra care needs. Other measures, such as the introduction of an unemployment benefit, will be given further shape in the coming period so that they can also be implemented during this Cabinet term.

Joint task

The Central Dialogues and public bodies were asked earlier to send in their feedback on the plans. Minister Schouten attaches great importance to their input, as well as to the reactions to the internet consultation. The legislative proposal and the internet consultation can be found at: (in Dutch). You can respond by the 22nd of August.


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