Sea & Learn organization organizes the “Adopt-a-Box” project

Adopt-A-Box is the latest community project on Saba organized by the Sea & Learn Foundation. The project aims to front the island’s electrical distribution boxes with intriguing stories about Saba’s natural environment and cultural heritage. The end results of this project will enrich the charm of the island’s roads and villages as well as produce an informative walking tour for visitors and locals alike!


The project was initially conceived after the Saba Electric Company moved the island’s power distribution network underground as part of an effort to secure Saba’s power supply for the twenty-first century. This effort left uncovered distribution boxes throughout the island creating an eyesore in many places. Accordingly, with the permission of the Saba Electric Company, Adopt-A-Box began its work to make use of these boxes and enhance the island’s appeal!

The 250+ boxes are scattered throughout the island: wherever there are residential or commercial buildings. Whether it is on the main road or a village backroad, you can find a location that will help you commemorate a key individual, natural wonder, or island tradition.

The first unveiling of Adopt-A-Box took place on Thursday, February 2, 2023. Bill and Selma Hamilton proudly revealed their sponsorship of a beautiful storyboard on hummingbirds. They dedicated the box to their gardener and friend Robbie Newnam.

If you are interested in adopting a box, please email for more information.

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