Saba’s first microbrewery celebrates signing of dots

The initial share­holders of Deep Dive Brew­ing Co., Saba’s first micro-brewery, have signed the company’s corporate docu­ments, paving the way for locally-brewed craft beers in October.

Located in Fort Bay, the microbrewery’s founders are Chad and Katy Nuttall (own­ers of Sea Saba dive centre), Wim Schutten (co-owner of Juliana’s Hotel), Jill Nuttall and Timothy Schwenck, who will also serve as brewer and managing director.

The five founders of Deep Dive Brewing Co. and their lawyer toasting with cups of beer. From left: Jill Nuttall Timothy Schwenck, Chad Nuttall Katy Nuttall, Gerald Simmons-de Jong and Wim Schutten.

Operating under Deep Dive Brews By, the company said it is committed to sustain-ability and local flavour, and catering to both locals and tourists.

Schwenck brings experience from working with a brewery in Arizona, United States, to Deep Dive Brewing Co.

The brewery said it will ini­tially offer six distinct types of beer, available on tap, with “each designed to capture the essence of Saba’s unique character and spirit.”

“We are thrilled to take this crucial step in bringing Deep Dive Brewing Co. to life,” Schwenck said. “Our [com­ing soon — Ed.] soft launch will allow us to refine our products and ensure that by the time high season arrives, we will be offering the best possible craft beer experi­ence to our customers.”

Gerald Simmons-de Jong, lawyer and managing partner of DEJONG Legal Consul­tancy, handled all aspects of the company’s establishment and licensing.

For more information, per­sons can contact Deep Dive Brewing Co. by sending an e-mail to

The Daily Herald.

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  2. Jennett Robinson

    Congrats on the new brewery. Too bad I am not close enough to stop by and taste the brews. Best of luck with this new venture.

  3. Congratulations

  4. congratulations!!!

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