Saba supermarket received a fine for selling vaping devices

On Monday June 10th, enforcers of the Public Entity Saba handed out a fine to a supermarket for violating the Saba Tobacco Use Restriction Ordinance (Tobacco Ordinance). Article 3 of the ordinance prohibits the sale of vaping devices or liquids with flavoring additives. Research has shown that flavoring additives lower the threshold for children to use vaping devices and increase the likelihood for children to become addicted to tobacco or other nicotine products.

Vaping devices

The supermarket violating the ordinance had 7 vaping devices seized and received a fine of $1360, the amount mentioned in the ordinance for first-time offenders. People or businesses who repeatedly violate the ordinance may receive fines up to $4500 and be prohibited from selling tobacco and tobacco-related products for a period up to 12 months.

The Saba Tobacco Use Restriction Ordinance prohibits the sale of all tobacco-related products to minors and all sale of vaping devices or liquids with flavoring additives. The Island Council adopted the ordinance on July 16th, 2023, and went into effect on September 1st, 2023. Enforcers will continue to perform checks to ensure that businesses adhere to these rules.


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