Saba Medical School poised for growth with presence in Dubai

Saba University School of Medicine (SU­SOM), St. Matthew’s Uni­versity School of Medicine (SMUSOM) in Grand Cay­man and Medical University of the Americas (MUA) in Nevis further elevated their commitment to growth and expansion through their par­ticipation at the recently con­cluded ICEF Dubai 2022. ICEF Dubai is the leading student-recruitment net­working event for interna­tional education institutions recruiting students from the Middle East and North Af­rica.

The event was held at Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, February 7-10, with the first three days be­ing hybrid and the fourth virtual only.

The ICEF Dubai 2022 student-recruitment networking event.

Recognising the potential that the Middle East and North Africa regions repre­sent as an attractive source of students, this year, SU­SOM, SMUSOM and MUA partnered with ICEF as a gold sponsor of the Dubai event. This is part of the medical schools’ ongoing efforts to expand their net­work of diverse internation­al student populations and generate awareness of the schools’ programmes.

Students across the three medical schools are pro­vided with the opportunity to achieve advanced medical and veterinary degrees, while being taught using the same integrated curriculum used in medical schools in the United States and Canada ­offering a seamless pathway for students to become phy­sicians and veterinarians. Graduates are also eligible for medical residency in the US, as all three institutions have a long history of at­taining residencies in many specialties. Furthermore, SUSOM, SMUSOM and MUA are fully accredited and have received approv­als from the key states of New York, California and Florida.

Representing SUSOM, SMUSOM and MUA at ICEF Dubai 2022, director of international business development Philippe Van Hecke said, “ICEF Dubai is one of the largest and most comprehensive global networking events for the international education in­dustry. I am delighted to have represented SUSOM, SMUSOM and MUA at this event as we look to drive our commitment to further growth in the market.

“Over the four days, the event provided an excel­lent platform to discuss the schools with agents and rep­resentatives from all over the world. Additionally, the event and its seminars helped attendees under­stand the current interna­tional higher education landscape, and how to navi­gate the present challenges successfully.”

ICEF Dubai 2022 was at­tended by 510 participants. The event also saw the par­ticipation of 321 organisa­tions with representatives from more than 40 coun­tries.

SUSOM, SMUSOM and MUA are part of the Global University Systems’ group of private higher education institutions.

The Daily Herald.

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