Ombudsman hears complaints, answers number of questions

The team of the National Om­budsman and the Ombudsman for Children visited Saba and St. Eustatius from February 7 to February 11. Due to the coronavirus pandemic their last visit to the islands was more than two years ago. Spread over three walk-in sessions, the team received more than forty questions and complaints.

The complaints and signals received by the National Om­budsman’s team concerned various central and local gov­ernment agencies.

Residents sit down to speak with representatives of the Na­tional Ombudsman’s team.

A group of parents also shared their concerns about schools and youth protection with the Ombudsman for Children. “It was striking that residents came up with mul­tiple complaints about various topics,” the Ombudsman’s team said.

The team also spoke to single parents and children about parenting. “These conversations were very valuable for our research on parenting in poverty,” they said.

Coordinator Gaby von Maltzahn: “It was nice that we were there again. The residents had a great need to tell their stories. Physical presence and visibility seem to be prerequisites for successful walk-in sessions and meetings.” The team of the National Ombudsman and the Ombuds­man for Children also handles all complaints and signals they receive digitally. Where necessary, they reach out to the relevant government agencies for the correct handling of complaints.

From March 8, the team of the National Ombudsman will visit Bonaire. Locations and times will be announced later.

The Daily Herald.

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