Saba exports 6 containers with recyclables in Sept.

Saba exported six containers with plastics, cardboard and shredded tires abroad for recycling, in September.

As usual, the majority of Saba’s recyclables were shipped to the USA for further processing. Saba has a very active recycling system in place whereby recyclables are separated, compressed and exported, thereby drastically reducing the amount of “other” waste, which in turn results in less frequent burning of waste.

Saba’s waste management facility.

At the beginning of September, the waste management facility started measuring the weight of waste from all vehicles that arrived at the facility. This means that not only the regular government waste trucks are weighed upon entry to the facility, but also private vehicles that come to bring waste.

Late last year, the waste facility purchased a scale but until recently, it was only used to measure waste from the garbage trucks, which made it difficult to have accurate data on the total amount of waste arriving at the facility. Now that the waste brought in by all vehicles is weighed, government is able to gather more complete information.

For the month of September, the total amount collected was 130,326 kilogrammes. More specifically, the open-back truck brought in 8,884 kilos of large recyclables, the yellow, regular garbage trucks took 58,073 kilos to the waste facility, and private vehicles brought 63,368 kilos.

The public entity Saba reminded residents and businesses to reduce, reuse and recycle.

The Daily Herald.

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