Rules for residency permits change on July, 1st

New rules for residency and work on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba will come into effect from Monday, July 1. These changes are necessary due to the increase in the minimum wage and to ensure that the income requirements align with the current standard of living and cost of living. The standard amounts have not been indexed since October 10, 2010, making an adjustment now necessary, according to a press release. There are three main changes.

First, for employment-related residency purposes, the gross income must be at least equal to the new minimum wage. As of July 1, this amount is US $1,750.67.

Second, for family reunification, adopted and foster children, and retirees, the required income is increased to 120% of the minimum wage, or $2,100.80 per month in 2024.

For applications for children not born in the Caribbean Netherlands, a requirement of 140% of the minimum wage, or $2,450.94 per month in 2024, applies. For example, if one stands as a guarantor for the first person, they must have an income of 120% of the minimum wage. If one stands as a guarantor for two or more people (such as children), they must meet an income requirement of 140% of the minimum wage.

For students, the income must be at least equal to 50% of the minimum wage, which amounts to $875.34 per month in 2024

Applications submitted before July 1, 2024, fall under the old standards. If the third consecutive extension application is submitted after July 1, the old standard will be applied. For all other extension applications submitted after July 1, the new standards will apply. These changes were published in the Staatscourant on June 7, 2024.

To shorten the processing time, the Immigration and Naturalization Service IND only accepts completed applications. Incomplete applications cause delays and can result in a waiting period of 5-6 months. If all required documents are submitted completely, a permit can be issued within 2 weeks.

Also, it was reminded in the press release, residents of the Caribbean Netherlands must report their income to the Belastingdienst Caribisch Nederland (BCN) by filing an income tax return so that the IND can verify the income requirement.

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