ROA CN hopes to identify Saba labour market needs

The Caribbean Netherlands Labour Mar­ket Education Council ROA CN hosted the first labour market platform on Saba last Friday.

The session brought to­gether representatives of education, government, the utility companies, con­struction companies, the hospitality sector, the auto mechanics sector and the health care sector, who were asked to help identify the needs now for Saba’s labour market and what is needed for the future. This feedback will be drafted into a report which will be shared later.

Participants in the first labour market platform organised by the Caribbean Netherlands Labour Market Education Council ROA CN pose for a group photo at the end of the ses­sion held at Tropics Café on Friday, September 1.

As part of their curricu­lum, vocational students participate in several in­ternships at certified ROA CN trained companies. At­tendees who represented some of these ROA CN certified companies were split into groups and asked to discuss amongst each other and later present to all what they think is go­ing well with the internship programmes, what can be improved, what actions need to be taken and what they are proud of.

Several key representa­tives were invited to give an opening address at the start of the session. Saba Com­prehensive School Voca­tional Department Leader Madelyn Johnson said the school had applied for six additional vocational pro­grammes: Motor Vehicle Engine Systems, Business Administration, Electrical Installations, Seaman Op­erations, Cosmetology and Bartending. “Saba Com­prehensive School is the only secondary school on the island and we shape the students’ minds. So, identi­fying the future job possi­bilities is very important for us to know what we need to focus on,” she said.

OCW Policy Advisor Mirella Thijm said that for the Ministry of Educa­tion it is important to know from the labour force what are their needs, in order to develop policies that ca­ter to Saba’s development and to adequately allocate the necessary funding to support these policies. “I am happy with the turnout at this first labour market platform for Saba. We need people here who have the right skills, mindset and knowledge,” she said.

Labour Market Man­ager at ROA CN Judette Frederiks pointed out that 40% of the population do not have the start qualifica­tions for the labour market. Therefore, she said this study is important in help­ing to make a better link between the educational organisations and the la­bour market.

Head of the HRM De­partment at public entity Saba Brenda Tjipjes noted that currently the public entity has 17 vacancies and she expects more. She said these vacancies are on vari­ous levels and in targeted career fields, such as sup­porting departments with communications and devel­oping policies. The vacan­cies are advertised on- and off-island.

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