This weekend, the Out N About team of The Daily Herald had the pleasure of meeting Soca­B, a well-known enter­tainer from Saba, while he was hyping up the ka­raoke crowd at one of the island’s hotspots. Read all about his passion for mu­sic and performing below.

Please introduce yourself
My name is Brandon Caines (aka Soca-B). I am 30 years old and I love music. I work as a driver at Saba Cares — and I sing, MC and host events in the region.

Soca­B, a well-known enter­tainer from Saba

How did you get into the entertainment industry?
I got into the entertainment industry about two years ago. I started performing at age 18. I was in XP Band, in the Rhythm Youngsters Band and the Entice Band. Currently, I am a proud member of the Highest Level Band. I can deejay as well, but I am still trying to get the proper equipment as those things are hard to come by on Saba. So, I will have to get it from abroad. Last year, I started hosting. In April, I was by Longhaul and they just started or­ganising their weekly kara­oke night. Everybody was there and they all know me as Soca-B, so when I was leaving, they asked me to stay and hype up the place. So I went back and hyped up the crowd. The night was good and the next day, Longhaul called me and gave me the gig.

What do you like most about living on Saba?
Mostly the fresh, clean air and the nature.

How often do you perform/host?
host karaoke at the Long-haul in Windwardside every Saturday and I play with my band, the Highest Level Band, here and there whenever we get a good gig.

Do you perform on St. Maarten?
Yes, I performed on St. Maarten a long time ago with the former XP band, which was from Saba.

What is your favourite thing about your profes­sion?
My favourite thing about my profession is entertain­ing people and giving them a great show. I love to be in control of the stage.

What can we expect from you this year?
This year, I’ll be releasing my second song with a video clip. I hope to play in SXM with my band and/or host a show there.

What is your favourite song of all time to perform?
My favourite songs are “Come home” by Nailah Blackman and Skinny Fabu­lous, and “Jookin Meh” by St. Maarten’s very own King James.

What would you advise your younger self or other people looking to get into a similar profes­sion?
To keep focused and nev­er give up — and to always have that energy whatever you do.

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  1. Brandon is the party!
    He makes the room swing…sing/dance/watch! All fun with Brandon! Saba Rocks It with King D.J./ Host!
    Band contributor many times over! Lead singer plus!
    We are happy to party with him any where any time!
    GO BRANDON GO!!!!,♨️

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