Planned removal of structures on Thais Hill Road #34

Due to the state of the structures at Thais Hill Road #34, they will be removed for safety reasons. These structures pose a risk during hurricane season.
Thais Hill Road # 34


No owners have been found in the Cadaster Saba, nor have any other legal owners or claimants been found. The structures stand on the land shaded red in the drawing. (Drawing does not depict exact property boundaries.)
If a person holds a claim to this property, please contact the advisor on Public Safety, Lune Zijnen, as quickly as possible, but ultimately on or before the 2nd of September. You can do this by emailing or calling +599 416 3311 ext. 251. You can include proof of your ownership claim, or we can organize a meeting with you to review the paperwork.
Please note that in case of a hurricane threat, it can be decided to remove the property and/ or materials before this date.
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