New Visitor Entry Tax Rules in Bonaire Effective July 1, 2024

Starting July 1, 2024, new regulations for the Visitor Entry Tax, commonly referred to as the tourist tax, will come into effect in Bonaire. These changes aim to accommodate children of the island who live elsewhere and Bonairean students studying abroad.

Reduced Rate for Island Children

Children with connections to Bonaire will now qualify for a reduced tax rate of $10, provided they can prove their connection to the island. This is a significant reduction from the standard rate and is designed to make it easier for families with roots in Bonaire to visit.

Extended QR Code Validity

To simplify travel, QR codes associated with the Visitor Entry Tax will now be valid for one month. This allows travelers to visit other destinations and return to Bonaire within the month without needing to pay the tourist tax again upon re-entry.

Document Verification

Despite the new rules, supporting documents will continue to be manually checked at the airport and the harbor to verify eligibility for the reduced rate. Travelers must ensure they have all the necessary documentation to prove their connection to Bonaire or student status.

Further Information and Advice

For detailed information on the required documents and other conditions, please visit the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) website. The OLB advises all travelers to review the rules and requirements carefully to avoid paying the standard rate of $75 by mistake.

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