Maritime Institute Saba.

Seafaring on Saba can be traced back to a long tradition dating back to before the 17th century. 1665 is a reference point in the Saban maritime history from which Saban sailing and fishing developed. From that moment on, mutineers also settled on the island and until the beginning of the 19th century Sabans owned, traded and worked on sailing vessels – Tall Ships – all over the world. As early as 1906, Frederick Augustus Simmons taught sailing and nautical science at The Saba School of Navigation.

Otto de Vries (l) and Mike Stamm (r), co-founders of The Maritime Institute Saba

According to co-founder Lionel Charles, Saba is missing a sailing school or yacht club where pleasure, water sports training and water sports activities are offered. A place for children who are introduced to sailing at a young age and learn about the rules and the (sailing) boat. Sailing lessons are especially fun, even for adults. Now it is not possible to rent a sailing dinghy, or motorboat. Competitive sailing is popular elsewhere among the youth; one does not see why this cannot be possible for the Saban youth. The Maritime Institute Saba will offer space and expertise to learn and carry out safe maintenance on club or your own boats.

The reopening of a maritime school on Saba for the youth, young adults and seafarers will meet the need to provide watersport, commercial fishing and maritime related training. Striving for the best possible cooperation with other similar institutions in the Caribbean, the Kingdom (of the Netherlands), and international organizations, said co-founder Jarno Knijff.

A nautical school on Saba, on the Bay, also makes it possible to attract mega yacht trainees and yacht tourists, given the fact that our courses will be internationally renowned. We believe that this could be good for the economy on Saba, stated co-founder Mike Stamm.

Maritime Institute Saba.

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