Healthy Choices, Happy Kids program resumes at the Sacred Heart Primary School.

The Public Health Department of the Public Entity Saba in collaboration with Kemaul Lee from FIT with Lee Last week restarted the healthy lifestyle program “Healthy Choices, Happy Kids for the Sacred Heart Primary School.

The children of the Sacred Heart Primary School were excited about the restart of the Healthy Choices, Happy Kids program.

The program, which started in 2020 but was temporarily stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic, aims to educate children on Saba about healthy lifestyle habits such as healthy nutrition, physical exercise, sleep and rest, and limiting screen time.

The program will run throughout the rest of the school year and will include in-class exercises, health presentations, fruit and vegetable tastings, and school excursions. The ultimate goal of the program is to help the children make conscious choices about their health and wellbeing that will help them grow into positive and healthy adults.

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