Government building lights were doused for Earth Hour

The lights at Saba’s Government Administration Building were turned off for sixty minutes last Saturday in observance of Earth Hour, an annual environment event organised by international conservation group World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

“The lights were kept off for an hour as a show of solidarity with millions of other people, companies and municipalities around the world, in acknowledgment of climate change and in taking collective action to tackle it,” the public entity of Saba said in press release on Tuesday.

Saba Commissioner Bruce Zagers said the public entity was happy to be a part of Earth Hour.

“It is a moment for reflection, action and a shared vi­sion for a brighter future for Saba, given the reality of climate change,” he said.

Civil servants prepared for Earth Hour on their own initiative by turning off the lights in their offices at the end of the work day last Friday, and many reportedly powered down their work spaces too.

Saba Electric Company (SEC) participated in Earth Hour by turning off the lights of its main office in The Bottom. The government-owned company also doused streetlights in Fort Gut and Hell’s Gate Gut. The public was notified about the streetlights going off before the event.

“While the impact of Saba’s participation in Earth Hour on a global scale may be small, it’s a big show of solidarity in acknowledging climate change, in taking ac­countability for our role in it on an individual level, and in raising awareness on the responsible use of electric­ity,” it was stated in the press release.

The public entity thanked residents who participated in Earth Hour at their own behest.

The Daily Herald.

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