Governor of Curaçao Lucille George-Wout visited Saba on Monday

On Monday, March 25, 2024, Governor Lucille George-Wout conducted a courtesy visit to the island of Saba where she also had the opportunity to tour ongoing, upcoming, and completed projects. The Governor was Accompanied by her spouse, Herman George, as well as colleagues Petrus Benschop, Yolanda de Rijke, and Adjutant Cederik Werleman, Governor George-Wout was warmly welcomed by Island Governor Jonathan Johnson upon her arrival.

Governor Lucille George-Wout conducted a courtesy visit to Saba

The visit commenced with a tour of the Saba Electric Company’s solar park, situated adjacent to the Juancho E Yrausquin Airport. Director Mark Zagers provided invaluable insights into the operations of the power plant, explaining its key role in sustaining Saba’s energy needs.

Governor George-Wout also had the opportunity to explore the hydroponics farm, where she was greeted by Sam Frederick, the lead farmer. Mr. Frederick guided the governor through the facility, offering details of its innovative farming techniques and sustainable practices.

In addition to her engagements with the island’s infrastructure and agricultural endeavors, Governor George-Wout took some time to visit the social housing phase 2 project, highlighting the government’s commitment to addressing the island’s housing needs and creating further community development.

The visit concluded with a meeting attended by esteemed colleagues, including Rolando Wilson, Roy Smith, Ray Hassell, and Will Johnson, with whom Governor George-Wout and her spouse had collaborated with extensively in the past. This gathering served as a valuable platform for constructive dialogue and exchange.

Governor Lucille George-Wout’s brief visit facilitated a much-needed reunion with former colleagues and afforded her the overdue opportunity to observe developments on the island of Saba firsthand.


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