F3 Fun Free Fitness Center will soon open in The Bottom

James Granger, coming back to Saba after 4 years of studying and working in Bonaire at among other Bon Bida Gym, saw opportunities for a new gym on the island. “For a long while there was only one public gym on Saba and it was located in Windward side. When I came back to the island in 2019, I decided to open my own gym in The Bottom”, according to Granger. Yesterday, Wednesday, 12th January a container was transported from Fort Bay to his F3 Fun Free Fitness Center in The Bottom.

F3 Fun Free Fitness Center in The Bottom

While James started with a small gym in a personal training setting, that gym could only accommodate 3 persons at the same time and was, according to Granger, a bit too small. Granger said that while he was looking to expand, the challenge was to source a building that was large enough for his plans. “The Public Entity Saba had a building location under renovations. I turned in my business plan and thankfully my proposal and plan was approved of me getting the building where I can then scale up in size for a larger gym member facility”, says Granger.

Granger’s plans were not new. From the time he was studying at MBO in Bonaire and working at Bon Bida, his plan was always to one day own and operate his own fitness center. Now after a lot of hard work, planning and preparation, Granger hopes to soon open the larger facility on the island.

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  1. This is great news ☺️

  2. It’s truly inspiring to see Granger’s journey from envisioning his dream at MBO in Bonaire to now taking concrete steps towards owning and operating his own fitness center. His unwavering dedication and perseverance are a testament to his passion for fitness and entrepreneurship. It’s evident that Granger’s meticulous planning and hard work have paved the way for this exciting new chapter in his life. The upcoming opening of the larger facility on the island is a testament to his commitment to realizing his goals and making a positive impact in his community. Congratulations to Granger on this significant achievement, and here’s to the success of his future endeavors!

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