Covid-19 Status update, Thursday, January 13th, 2022

Update Thursday, January 13th

4 new cases – 2 imported cases and 2 close contacts.
11 persons recovered.

Update Wednesday, January 12th

9 new active cases – 7 close contacts, 1 end of quarantine, and 1 source unknown.
11 persons recovered.

Update Monday, January 11th

12 new active cases – 3 imported and detected during special measures testing, 7 close contact testing, 1 end of quarantine, and 1 with current source unknown.

6 recovered cases.

Update Monday, January 10th

13 new active cases – 7 cases imported, and the remainder end of quarantine testing and contact tracing.
15 persons recovered.

Update Sunday, January 9th

9 new cases, 2 import cases, and 7 at the end of quarantine testing.
4 persons recovered.

Update Saturday, January 8th,

On Saturday, January 8th there are 10 new active cases.
3 of the positive cases were identified during contact tracing and 5 were imported cases, and 2 cases were discovered during the end of quarantine testing. A total of 109 tests were taken.
Also today we have 5 cases that have recovered.

Update January 7th

On Friday, January 7th there were 152 tests conducted. We had 16 new positive cases. 10 cases were import cases detected during Special Measures Testing. 1 case tested positive at the end of quarantine. 3 cases were discovered during contact tracing and 2 cases with no currently known source.


Please note the consequences of breaking the rules HERE.

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Update January 6th

Public Health reports 12 new active cases. A mixture of imported cases and close contact. 14 persons recovered.


Update January 5th

On January 5th, 11 new active cases have been recorded. 10 cases were revealed during special measures testing, end of quarantine testing, and testing close contacts. A source has not been identified for one case. All contact tracing has been completed.

Listen to what Island Governor Jonathan Johnson comments:

Status Jan 4th, 2022

On Tuesday, January 4th we provide you with a cumulative total from the last two days of testing.
In the last 2 days, 3 cases have recovered. Unfortunately, the number of active cases today has increased from 31 two days ago to 55 to date.

Please consider a booster vaccination.


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