Unique Supermarket offers best prices in September 2023

A price comparison carried out by the Government of Saba shows that, in September 2023, Unique Supermarket is the supermarket with the lowest prices on the island.

Unique Supermarket, Windwardside, Saba

Out of a list of 47 items compared in the price comparison, Unique Supermarket has the lowest price 18 times, followed by Big Rock Market with the lowest price on 15 items in the comparison. Emporium registers the lowest price on 10 of the items listed, while Saba Wishes only scores the lowest price in just 1 of the products used for the comparison.

The price difference between the supermarkets can be steep. An example is apples, which cost 66 cents at Emporium, but as much as 1 dollar and 50 cents at Big Rock. Tomatoes clocked in at 4 dollars and 50 cents at Big Rock, but as much as 6 dollars and 75 cents at Unique. Another steep difference is for the price of potatoes, which cost 1.75 per kilo at Unique, but as much as 4 dollars per kilo at Emporium. There are also items that cost exactly the same at all four stores, such as Helman’s Mayonnaise for the price of 3.75 at all supermarkets.

Download the complete comparison HERE. This resource enables you to identify the most cost-effective options for various products across local supermarkets.

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