Tsunami, oil spill exercises in Saba

The Department of Public Order and Safety of the public entity Saba will be coordinating two exercise training scenarios.

One of the scenarios was a tsunami exercise, which took place on Monday, November 7. During this exercise, lower parts of Saba were evacuated for a brief period of time.

The second exercise will be an oil spill exercise in the area of Fort Bay Harbour which will occur, today, Tues­day, November 8.

Emergency services are involved with the exercises. Therefore, the community can expect to see various emergency vehicles on the road and hear sirens.

The Saba community is asked to follow any traffic orders or directions from public authorities that will be given, in order to execute both exercises smoothly. Members of the public are asked for their cooperation.

Personnel of the Caribbean Netherlands Fire Department BKCN in St. Eustatius and Saba travelled to Bonaire last week. Purpose of the visit was for members of the manage­ment team to meet face-to-face and to familiarise themselves with each other. In photo are from left: BKCN’s general commander Thijs Verheul, Saba fire chief Julio Every, Statia fire chief Marvin Dollison, and Bonaire fire chiefs Anthony Gravey and Thammy Alberts.

The Daily Herald.

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