NIPA expanding to Saba and Statia

National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) is expanding its programme offerings to Saba and St. Eustatius, starting with a modified level three programme for Social Pedagogical Work (SPW).

This was announced in a press release on Monday.

Starting today, November 8, 20 childcare professionals, six on Saba and 14 on Statia will begin the one-year programme. The programme aims to enhance their knowledge, skill, and attitude with courses such as organisational skills, methodological skills, professionalism and quality care, childcare, care for persons with a disability, InterVision, and writing a research paper.

Applicants must have a Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) level two certification in childcare and relevant employment to qualify for the programme.

From left: Damali Bryson, Angela Dekker, Rosalyn Johnson and Alisha Brooks.

On Statia, the programme instructors will be Rosalie Edelstein, Monica Smith, and Zuwena Suares. Classes will be held at Gwendolyn van Putten School.

Floyd Pryce will be the instructor on Saba and will use Saba Comprehensive School facilities. All instructors currently teach in the CVQ level two childcare training programme, which is the maximum education students can achieve in this field on both islands.

Raising childcare workers’ education level is one of the improvement pillars of the BES(t) 4 Kids programme, led by Angela Dekker and Rosalyn Johnson on Statia and Saba, respectively.

Last week, Damali Bryson (Adjunct Director) and Alisha Brooks (SPW Instructor) conducted site visits on each island. In total, the small delegation visited six facilities and found them appropriate for the programme’s objectives. They were also met with enthusiasm by excited new students who were ready and eager to get started.

This initiative will certainly not be the last, said NIPA.

NIPA aims to provide technical-vocational education that will prepare persons for the workforce and envisions itself as the pathway to rewarding careers within the region. NIPA said discussions are ongoing to make more NIPA programmes available on both islands.

The Daily Herald.

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