Three million euros for programme strengthening Caribbean families

Oranje Fonds and Kinderpostzegels are launching the three-year programme Strengthening Families Together, for social initiatives in the Caribbean part of our Kingdom.

The programme focuses on initiatives that support fami­lies — children, youth and parents — in vulnerable cir­cumstances. Organisations in Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba can apply until Monday, July 15, through Samenwerkende Fondsen Cariben. Oranje Fonds and Kinderpostzegels have allo­cated at least 2.5 million eu­ros to this end, it was stated in a press release.

“Poverty and livelihood in­security are major challenges on the Caribbean islands. As foundations, we cannot solve these problems, but we can support initiatives that put their hearts and souls into addressing them,” says Oranje Fonds director San­dra Jetten.

“By supporting initiatives that focus on children, young people or their parents, we aim to ensure that families in vulnerable circumstances are not neglected and can partic­ipate in society. We have set aside at least 2.5 million eu­ros for the programme. The Ministry of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations has made a one-time financial contribution of 500,000 eu­ros,” the director adds.

The main goal of this pro­gramme is to address prob­lems related to poverty by ensuring that families in vulnerable circumstances are not neglected and they can participate in society. We aim to achieve this goal by supporting civil society organisations that promote equal opportunities for chil­dren, support their parents or combat poverty.

Through this three-year programme, Oranje Fonds and Kinderpostzegels aim to support 15 organisations that promote equal opportuni­ties for children and youth, support parents or combat poverty. The foundations will also support the capaci­ty-building infrastructure for these organisations through a number of partners.

For three years, programme participants will receive tools to strengthen their capacities to continue as a sustainable organisation after the pro­gramme.

The Oranje Fonds be­lieves that everyone matters. Therefore, the foundation is committed to a society in which we care for each other, people have equal opportu­nities and they feel connect­ed with others. Oranje Fonds does this by supporting so­cial initiatives with funding, knowledge and a network. “Together we make the dif­ference, because no one should be left behind,” it was stated in the press release.

Kinderpostzegels is the charity organisation with and for children. The foundation stands for equal opportuni­ties for every child. Accord­ing to the foundation, unfor­tunately, too many children are facing problems due to poverty, loneliness and prob­lems at home. These prob­lems are holding them back in life but Kinderpostzegels is there for these children. The foundation provides impactful programmes that strengthen children’s resil­ience, near and far away, and programmes in which chil­dren are enabled to think, act and participate. This is how Kinderpostzegels makes a difference 365 days a year, with and for children, it was stated.

The Daily Herald.

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