Tenders requested for the renovation of Scout’s Place

Hotel, bar and restaurant Scout’s Place in Windwardside, Saba is a unique establishment, with a long and rich history. It is well-known and loved by both locals and tourists. Following the acquisition in 2020, we have now completed the renovation and reconstruction design process with services from St. Maarten-based consultants. A strong focus has been given to the significance to preserve the heritage of the island in which essential and characteristic elements will be re-used or replaced.

The plans have been published some time ago. Click HERE to take a look.

Scout’s Place: News Design

A new phase – invitation to tender

The building permit for the Scout’s Place project has been awarded, hence it is time to enter a new phase: we hereby invite Contractors who may be interested in undertaking this project, to contact us.

The Scout’s Place works include the extension and renovation of the upper roadside building, consisting of 11. units:

  • Demolition of all lower units, pool, bar and restaurant
  • Construction of 12 new units (ground floor) with 7 cottages built above
  • New 84 seats restaurant, kitchen and laundry
  • Reception area
  • Pool and decks
  • Sewage treatment plant and standby generator.

Working alongside the Design and Project Management Team, the Contractor will be responsible for the planning and execution of all works and as such must have the resources and experience necessary.

All Contractors from Saba and the surrounding islands will be given the same opportunity in the tender process. However, to support the local economy we encourage non-Saban companies to, where possible, try and work along with the local companies.


All inquiries must be received latest by Sunday, April 3rd via scoutsplaceenquiries@gmail.com including a brief company overview and a solid track record of project/ construction deliverables.


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