SSO-CN not in compliance with Personal Data Protection Law

The Data Protection Authority CBP-BES, which is charged with monitoring and en­forcement in relation to the processing of personal data by the public and private sec­tors in the Caribbean Neth­erlands, has found during an audit that the Shared Service Organisation of the Carib­bean Netherlands SSO-CN is not properly processing docu­ments with personal data via its internal network.

The network is accessible to everyone who works at the National Department for the Caribbean Netherlands RCN.

The CBP-BES discovered protection and security defi­ciencies in relation to certain digital files. The investiga­tion focused on four aspects of personal data processing: how carefully and properly the personal data is pro­cessed, what the purpose of the processing is, what the grounds for the processing are, and how the security of personal data is guaranteed.

The CBP-BES assessed its findings based on the stan­dards laid down in the Per­sonal Data Protection Act BES and concluded that these standards were not be­ing complied with.

The report, including rec­ommendations, has been sent to the director of SSO­CN. The organization must implement suitable technical and organizational measures to ensure the adequate pro­tection and security of per­sonal data. CBP-BES also recommended drawing up a protocol so that timely action can be taken in the event of a data leak.

The Data Protection Au­thority said it was “positive” about the steps that SSO-CN has already taken to ensure that personal data is pro­cessed as safely as possible, and said it is “confident” that SSO-CN will implement all recommendations by the agreed deadline.

“The actions are not only aimed at creating a safe and better-protected platform but also focus on a shared vision of the use of the network by government departments in the Caribbean Netherlands,” according to CBP-BES secre­tary Roella Pourier.

The Daily Herald.

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