Founding of Dutch Caribbean Hospital Alliance

Today the hospitals of Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and Dutch Caribbean have established a cooperative under the name Dutch Caribbean Hospital Alliance (DHCA u.a.). The experience with Covid-19 was the direct reason for the establishment of the partnership. DCHA aims to strengthen the quality of hospital care on these islands. DCHA wants to be able to guarantee and improve medical specialist care in the future and to coordinate and optimise the quality and availability of medical specialist care.

The goal of the Dutch Caribbean Hospital Alliance is to provide the best possible medical care locally and regionally through a solid cooperation between the countries within the Kingdom and strategic partners. The well-being of our patients and employees is paramount, in addition to maintaining a financially – economically healthy situation and safeguarding our cultural values.

The hospital administrators of the four countries of the Kingdom have expressed their confidence that the intensification of cooperation between the hospitals will improve and strengthen the quality and continuity of care for the inhabitants on the islands in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

Giovanni Frans, director of Fundashon Mariadal and the current chairman, says: ‘After almost two years of preparation and intensive consultation, among themselves and with the four countries, DCHA is finally a fact. We are proud of this step and hope that this will be one of many for optimal healthcare on our islands.’

Ingemar Merkies, medical director of CMC: A milestone made possible by the efforts of many. Thank you for that. I expect that we will work together with DCHA on education and training with the aim of bringing back our human capital abroad. This will further improve the quality of care on our islands.

Felix Holiday, director of SMMC: ‘This is a great step forward and we see that a more intensive cooperation with the other islands is already bearing fruit during covid care. This is because we know how to find each other earlier, help each other and keep each other well informed of the most recent developments”.

Jacco Vroegop, medical and general director of HOH: The establishment is a small step realized by a motivated group of people from the islands and the Netherlands. The important thing now is to inspire others and thus further support a team, so that we not only stay together, but also achieve successes. Essential in this is to keep an eye on the people around whom it all revolves; our societies and our employees.

Recently the DCHA has already proven its worth by training a hundred nurses from Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire, St. Maarten and St. Eustatius for Basic Acute Care in the Caribbean Health Academy (CARIBHA) training program. Thanks to this training program and other joint activities of DCHA, the islands are more flexible and can therefore respond adequately to acute care situations, such as during a pandemic.

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