Second chamber enquires about Kingdom Conference

The Dutch Second Chamber of Parliament wants to know when the King­dom Conference will go ahead.

The Second Chamber’s Permanent Committee for Kingdom Relations asked Dutch State Sec­retary for Kingdom Re­lations and Digitisation Alexandra van Huffelen for an update on the or­ganising of the Kingdom Conference this year. The Second Chamber asked for this confer­ence since last year, but thus far, no date or place has been set.

“What is the state of af­fairs with regard to the preparations? When and where will the Kingdom Conference take place? Is the government plan­ning to add combating of poverty, healthcare, human rights and edu­cation as themes at the conference? Will the conference also be open to private stakeholders, social organisations and know-how institutes?”

The Permanent Com­mittee on Thursday also sent other written questions to the state secretary based on the committee’s travels to Curacao and Bonaire late February and early March in connection with the Inter-Parlia­mentary Consultation for the Kingdom IPKO.

The committee asked for an update on the ex­ecution of the motion of former Member of the Second Chamber Ron­ald van Raak about the further interpretation of the responsibilities of the individual coun­tries within the Kingdom and of the Kingdom as a whole.

The committee also wanted to know how the Caribbean part of the Kingdom would be involved in the com­memorative year of the Dutch Slavery Past. The committee asked how migrants would continue to be accommodated in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom and which agreements were made on this subject between the Dutch government and the Dutch Carib­bean countries.

As for Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba, the committee sought clar­ity on which measures would be taken this year still to combat poverty in the Caribbean Nether­lands. They also wanted to know how policy was being executed in St. Eu­statius and Saba to build affordable housing and whether there was a pri­vate party that built sus­tainable housing for the people.

The committee asked to be informed about the steps taken to ex­pand capacity at the public entities to execute the Caribbean Nether­lands Nature and En­vironment Policy Plan (NEPP).

The tackling of the sargassum seaweed problem in Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba was another matter that the committee sought clarity on, as well as the status of executing a motion of the Second Chamber to assess which climate adaptive measures were needed for the Carib­bean Netherlands.

The Daily Herald.

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