Schoolboards claim: Financial challenges at Saba’s Primary School resolved.

In their official press release on January 7, the the combined schoolboards of the SHS and the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS), SKOSaba/SEF state that they have reached an agreement with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences (OCW) and Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) to address financial challenges at Saba’s only primary school, the Sacred Heart Primary School (SHS).

Executive director of SKOSaba/SEF, Mr. Anton Hermans

The  executive director of SKOSaba/SEF, Mr. Anton Hermans writes:

This collaborative effort involves an advance payment for the year 2024, which will be utilized to ensure salaries can be paid as well as to rebuild the school’s reserves. Part of the agreement is that OCW/DUO will closely monitor the financial situation at the SHS in 2024.


However, to ensure long-term financial stability and maintain a healthy fiscal operation at both schools, some contracts will not be renewed by the end of July 2024.
“This financial initiative for the SHS is aimed at providing the SHS with the time and resources needed to strengthen its financial position, ultimately securing a sustainable future for the institution” the school boards stated.

Merger postponed

Meanwhile, the anticipated merger between SKOSaba and SEF, scheduled for January 1, 2024, has been postponed. The school boards of SKOSaba and SEF have encountered challenges in aligning their visions with the Diocese of Willemstad’s requirements and change in their direction, leading to the decision to delay the merger until a consensus can be reached. Both school boards remain committed to fostering a positive resolution and will continue their efforts to overcome the current obstacles.”

Breakfast programs

The breakfast program at the schools is a government-funded program. In the ongoing commitment to sustaining breakfast programs at both schools, SKOSaba/SEF is actively awaiting the Public Entity Saba (PES) update regarding the allocated funds for these initiatives. Despite the dedication to providing a free breakfast item at the primary school during the first break and a reduced price at the secondary school’s cafeteria, the lack of precise information on the available funds has led to a temporary postponement of the breakfast item at the primary school. “We recognize the importance of nourishing our students with a healthy meal and remain hopeful that PES will inform us as soon as possible of the exact amount for the schools so we can resume and enhance these essential programs for the benefit of the students”, the board stated. The SHS and SCS, however, will continue to provide free breakfast at the beginning of the school day for the students who have not been able to have breakfast at home.

Executive director resigns

In another development, the executive director of SKOSaba/SEF submitted his resignation due to a career change in alignment with personal goals. Consequently, considering the financial challenges, the position will not be filled and SKOSaba/SEF will resume its full responsibility again as the governing board of each school as a daily and supervisory board and will continue to work as one collective board for the two schools.

“The boards express gratitude for the efforts and contributions of the departing executive director and are committed to a smooth transition as they resume their central role in overseeing the management and governance of the school,” it was stated.

Executive director of SKOSaba/SEF

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