BKCN: a peaceful turn of the year and fewer incidents in 2023

The turn of the year went by peacefully for the Caribbean Netherlands Fire Department (BKCN) this year. The fire department did not have to turn out. In 2023, the fire department responded to fewer incidents than in 2022 anyway. In total, the fire department turned out 189 times. Of which 133 times on Bonaire, 11 times on Saba, and 45 times on St. Eustatius. Most of the incidents involved outdoor fires. In 2022, there were a total of 203 incidents.

Many developments within the force

The year 2023 was a year in which there were – besides the regular work – many developments, including: the new fire station on Saba, working on the breathing air workshop on Saba, the purchase of new vehicles, the realisation of new exercise objects, and much more. There were also sad moments, like the loss of a number of former fire-fighting colleagues. But also beautiful moments, including, for example, the strength with which the force handles the sad moments. The BKCN is there for others, but also for each other.

The fire department is not standing still

In 2024, the BKCN is again committed to ensuring the safety of the residents of the Caribbean Netherlands. The work never stops. Day in, day out, the BKCN is ready to protect what is valuable. The fire department fights fires, saves lives, and provides assistance during accidents. Preferably, the force is one step ahead of any problems. Therefore, they are also committed to prevention and the fire department provides information and advice. On rijksdienstcn.com, for example, you will find tips on how to prevent risky situations at home.



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