Wednesday, September 7th, 2022, marked a day of hope and new beginnings for the residents of Saba as a new political party was officially incorporated. PEP stands for Progress, Equality, and Prosperity. The founders, Saskia Matthew, Hemmie van Xanten, Julio Every, and Roland Holm, heeded the community’s call for change and came together to form the party.

The PEP founders: Saskia Matthew, Hemmie van Xanten, Julio Every, and Roland Holm

This is a safe, diverse, and inclusive party for all, with the main values being equality, inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment of the most vulnerable, as well as continuous progress for ALL Saba residents. Our main vision is for Saba to have healthy and happy citizens who are engaged, empowered, and resilient.

We expect that our main goals of prosperity, equality, and progress will be achieved by building on three main pillars: social empowerment, economic development, and good governance.

We stand together with the people of Saba and FOR the people of Saba in the name of integrity, honesty, and fairness for one and all.
To the people of Saba; our friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues, we want you to know that nothing can stand in the way of united voices calling for change. Together we are one movement on one mission; to honor, develop and preserve the place that we all call home.

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