Organization scan of Public Entity Saba

An organization scan of the Public Entity Saba will be carried out in the coming months to strengthen the government apparatus and invest in its most important component: human capacity.

Contracted to conduct this scan is Wim van Twuijver, who was Island Secretary on Saba in 2014 and 2015 and Secretary of Municipality Alkmaar from 2015 to 2022. The scan will focus on the broad lines of the Public Entity Saba as an organization.

Commissioner Bruce Zagers (right) signs the work document for the organization scan while Wim van Twuijver looks on.


The scan will be done based on the input of government employees, the Executive Council, and the Island Council. Analyzed will be the current status of the organization and how the organization wants to further develop itself as an employer, but also as a public service institution. The scan, once completed, will give an insight into the needs of the organization, the requirements, and the points of departure of the Executive Council.

The scan is important, said Commissioner Bruce Zagers, who signed the contract with Van Twuijver in The Hague last week. “Creating a working environment where our colleagues feel valued and happy will lead to a more productive organization. Over the last months, we have seen a high turnover of employees, which is unfortunate. Although some of these workers left organically, it does have our attention. With this scan, we hope it will lead to practical solutions that will promote an atmosphere where employees feel satisfied with their organizational functions,” he said. Van Twuijver will visit Saba in October for the first interviews.


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