Saba’s beaches

Saba is known for having no beaches, but this is not really true. There are Cove Bay and Wells Bay. Also from the the harbor at Fort Bay you can swim into the Caribbean Sea towards Tent reef.

Cove Bay

There is the “artificial” beach at Cove Bay, just below the airport. It is a shallow part of Cove Bay, protected by a dam. The rocks that were removed to make the apprach to the airport somewhat safer have been reused to make this sheltered area where one can always safely swim. It has a covered area for BBQs. Public bathrooms are available.


Photo by Paul Fleuren
Photo by Paul Fleuren

Well’s Bay

Well’s Bay is on the west side on Saba. It is a sheltered bay with a magnificent view of Diamond Rock. Unfortunately the sand on the beach comes and goes dependent on the state of the northerly swell.

Well's Bay beach

If the swell is right, the dare devils may consider surfing ……

Well's bay surfer

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