Saba Reach Foundation resumes the high-quality adventure education learning and development program for the most hard-to-reach youngsters

Saba Reach Foundation in collaboration with the Forsa Academy has resumed offering a high-quality adventure education learning and development program. With a target group of the most hard-to-reach young people, youth are able to learn by experience through the discipline and ethos of the Forsa method (group method).

Group leaders for the program, Rissa Rampersad, Chesney Thielman and Berry Van de Dam( from left to right.)

The unique model offers intense mentoring and support for young people. Through placing the youth in a group of 8 with dedicated and trained group leaders who acts as mentor, teacher support, and coach throughout their stay with us. Through this program, youth will be given the opportunity to develop a very safe place that provides a foundation from which the student can embark upon a positive cycle of achievement.

Using the beneficial effects of sport, group dynamics, and activities that connect to a student’s needs, an empowering environment is created to teach students how to manage their emotions, give them confidence in their learning, and direct them toward further education, training, or employment.

Saba Reach


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