Saba girls participate in empowerment workshop

A group of Saban girls spent Monday afternoon be­ing encouraged to become the best version of themselves in a modelling workshop facilitated by Stacy Ann Taylor of St. Maarten-based modelling agency Taste of Fashion. The event, called “Kids Empowerment Modelling Work­shop”, was the brainchild of mother and local entrepreneur Janelie Barnes, who has her own hair and skincare line, JD’s Products. She saw a need to help Saban girls boost their self-esteem.

Saba girls posing for a group photo at the end of the ‘Kids Empowerment Modelling Workshop’ on Monday after­noon. The workshop was facilitated by Stacy Ann Taylor (second left) and initiated by Janelie Barnes (right), who is owner of hair and skincare line, JD’s Products. Photo by Hazel Durand.

“Living in a small community, I realise that the kids of­ten lack ambition and suffer with a low self-esteem. The mindset is very stagnant and old-school, so I initiated this workshop to build up their confidence. Once they can feel good about themselves, it will motivate them to continue evolving into adulthood,” said Barnes.

Taylor said the day’s assignments were focused on positiv­ity through self-presentation in a runway show.

“We focused on helping them overcome their anxieties; to really believe in themselves and get out of the habit of comparing themselves to others,” said Taylor. “As they go on with their life journey, they should always look back on a positive day like this and remember that, although it was hard for them stepping out of their comfort zone, they pre­served.”

Barnes hopes to continue these empowerment workshops in the near future. They will not only be for girls, but also for boys, women and men, she said.

The Daily Herald.

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