Saba Comprehensive School graduates celebrates achievements with top honours

Saba Comprehen­sive School held its gradua­tion ceremony on Saturday evening under the theme, “Today’s accomplishments were yesterday’s impossi­bilities.” The ceremony cel­ebrated the achievements of the class of 2022-2023.

Fabian Alkema stood out for receiving five grade ones for the Caribbean Second­ary Education Certificate ((SEC) examinations. He received grade ones for the subjects Physical Education and Sports, Physics, Technical Drawing, Biology and English Language, and also received the Valedictorian Award. Elizabeth Henry was pre­sented with the Salutatorian Award, while Agnes Hassell received the Princi­pal’s Award.

The Salutatorian Awardee Elizabeth Henry.

In his address, Commis­sioner of Education Ev­iton Heyliger reflected on the graduation theme and told the students that they are the architects of their destiny. “The dreams you dare to dream today will shape the realities of to­morrow. Your accomplish­ments are not confined to this moment; they are the foundation for the bound­less possibilities awaiting you,” he encouraged.

Heyliger also reminded the graduates that chal­lenges are inevitable, but they should view them as stepping stones to great­ness. He urged them to carry with them an unwav­ering belief in their abilities as they step beyond the fa­miliar walls of Saba Com­prehensive School.

Governor Jonathan Johnson, Commissioner of Education Eviton Heyliger and Commissioner Bruce Zagers with the recent graduates of Saba Comprehensive School.

The Daily Herald.

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