Public Notice concerning Land Parcels in Giles Quarter

Saba has high ambitions to be a leading island in sustainability. A dedicated team has been working to determine the best options and locations to reach 89% renewable energy on Saba. An additional solar park has to be realized. The Public Entity Saba together with Saba Electric have located an ideal location for this third solar park.

In order for this project to be realized, a road will have to be constructed. The road will be located in the Giles Quarter area, above where the new harbor will be built. This can be seen in the image below.


We kindly ask individuals who have feedback regarding this notice, or anyone who claims to have rights to the parcel of land (C/A 5/1993) where the road will be built, to please come forward.

Please send your documents to the Executive Council of the Public Entity Saba by email to before December 31th 2023. Emails after the mentioned date will not be taken into consideration.


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